The Orange Juicer Apprenticeship Program

This isn’t your ‘Sunday charades at Grandma’s’ kind of competition. The Orange Juicer Competition means business. Literally.
If you’re a Strategist, a Planner, a Social Contenter, a Client Servicer, or even a Creative, this is your chance to solve real briefs from real clients. You could win yourself the opportunity to interview for a coveted apprenticeship here at Grip.
open book
Here’s where you show us your creative chops. Show us what you’ve got. Take part in our open book night on March 17, 2020 and get one-on-one portfolio reviews with our top Creative Directors. RSVP at
If you impress, you could find yourself fist-pumping at a big orange table when you start your apprenticeship in May 2020.

What’s an Apprentice?

Intern vs Apprentice

At Grip we do things a little differently. We’re all about empowering young professionals and fostering experiences for the future of our business. So we’d like to show off highlights of our program and illustrate the difference between an apprentice and an intern.




working on dead end projects


working on meaningful client work


Empty Pockets


Making it rain


No option but to sink or swim


Classes and training to help stay afloat


Taking names and getting coffee


The only coffee they get is for themselves

Lone Wolf

An outcast trying to work their way in


A valued team-member already on the inside


works all day and pulls night shifts all night

Work/Life Balance

working hard and hardly working


spends the afternoon sleeping in the stalls


Spends the afternoon fighting fires


Presents to the dog


Presents to clients

The Competition: On your marks, get set, juice!


Enter the Orange Juicer – a competition where teams from across North America get a chance to solve real briefs from real clients. What could you win? A coveted chance to interview for a spot in the Orange Juicer Apprenticeship Program (not to mention fame and glory for you and your school on our social media platform).

And don’t forget: it’s an apprenticeship. Not an internship. There’s a big difference. One of them being, you’ll be paid! What’s the coolest part? We’ve hired 50 juicer alumni over the last seven years, so what are you waiting for?

The Ask

Create an innovative advertising pitch and plans book for one of Grip’s clients.

The Client & Task

Who’s the client you might ask? You’ll just have to wait and see! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Each team consists of up to six students. And there’s a couple ways these teams can be formed. First, a program coordinator can compile the student groups, putting forth as many teams as they like. Or, without a program coordinator, students can form a team on their own. This year we’re asking for teams to be made up of at least two Account Managers and two Creatives (e.g. art director, copywriter) the final two spots on the team are up to you and can include anything from strategy to social. Teams do not need to be finalized before sending in the Intent to Participate Form.

Competition Eligibility

Of course we have a few eligibility rules:

  • Each team must have no more than six students. All students must be enrolled in a Communications, Advertising, Graphic Design, Commerce or Business degree program during the time of the competition and in their final graduating year.

  • Each team entering the competition must declare their Intent to Participate by e‑mailing the Intent to Participate Form (due January 10, 2020).

The presentation: Welcome to Grip HQ

Come on in, and take a trip down the slide! We look forward to meeting all competitors and are eagerly waiting to see the bright ideas from this year’s finest! Here’s how to prepare and what to expect as the day flies by:

  • Presentations will be limited to exactly 40 minutes. Your time starts when your music begins, when the first slide (other than a logo) appears or once a presenter begins speaking. It stops when you reach the 40-minute mark, no matter where you are in your presentation. Each team will be provided with a two-minute warning.

  • Each team must bring eight printed copies of their plans book, and a flash drive containing both an electronic copy of their plans book in PDF format and their A/V presentation.

  • Each team should provide eight copies of a reminder sheet (8.5 x 11 inches) to be included with their plan books. The reminder sheet may include the team’s name, tagline, salient points about the campaign, as well as a photo or photos of the presenters.

  • Only team members are allowed to speak, operate audio or visual equipment or handle displays during the presentation. Even if a student does nothing except operate equipment or handle displays, he or she MUST be counted as one of the six team members.

  • After your presentation, there will be a 10-minute Question and Answer session. During this Q&A session, only the presenting team members and the judges may enter the discussion.

The Plans Books

Make sure the plan book is in tiptop shape! Each book is limited to 32 pages of 8.5 x 11-inch paper and cannot include any additional electronic pages. Any pages beyond the allotted 32 will be ignored. All inside pages must be numbered.

Furthermore, all plans book must have a front and back cover with your college / university’s entire, unabbreviated name on the front cover. You may put anything you want on the inside and the outside of the front and back covers. Covers do not count as part of the 32-page limit.

The Score

Along with the brief delivered on January 20, 2020, score cards will also be distributed to team captains (see score card). Please remember to read the score cards carefully for specific guidance when considering the areas to develop in your campaign. The case assignment will be clearly reflected in the score cards. Points awarded for each campaign are based on a combination of the pitch presentation, plans book and Q&As.

Awards and Compensation Release

Our apprentices will have the guts, glory and oranges galore (and beer, lets not forget beer). On March 4, 2020, the first, second- and third-place teams will be announced. The first, second- and third-place teams will receive accolades for their respective programs and will be highlighted on Grip’s social platforms.

Orange Juicer Code of Ethics

We hold our apprentices in the highest regard, so we expect they will abide by the following Orange Juicer Code of Ethics:

  1. Students must not receive advice, critiques or additional assistance in the development of their project or presentation from any professional.

  2. The advancing teams will have one “check-in” with a Grip staff member in order to ask questions and review initial direction. Grip employee(s) will not provide direction, but rather support, in answering questions geared around fulfilling the requirements of the competition.

  3. Students must not contact the sponsoring company, its advertising agency or any companies specifically highlighted by the sponsor. Any communication will be limited to the Grip sponsor within the allotted question period.

  4. All creative work must be conceptualized, designed and executed by students. Students may not use any existing client’s creative in the creative part of their presentation.

  5. Students may use any existing professional clip art, music, photos and video in any part of their presentation, including the creative section. Costs associated with the use of copyrighted music in the creative work should be included in the campaign budget. Any part of your presentation may be recorded using audio or video.

Open Book Night


Looking for your first creative gig? Come to our open book night to meet with our top Creative Directors for a one-on-one portfolio review on March 17, 2020. The juiciest Art Directors and Copywriters could earn themselves a position at Grip! Do you have what it takes?

Bring your "A" game

You only have one shot to impress our CDs, so be prepared! Bring the best samples of your spec work and be ready to talk about it.

Please RSVP at

It's not an internship.

The Orange Juicer Apprenticeship Program Is In Session.

We are proud to announce the eighth year of our Apprenticeship Program, in which a number of the hungriest, young talents entering the advertising world are challenged, developed and groomed to be future leaders in the industry. During the 16-week program, students are exposed to real advertising issues, with real briefs and deadlines, and more importantly, real clients.

The 2020 Curriculum

Real classes in a real environment

Apprentices will also attend weekly lectures led by senior members of Grip, and gain unique insights into the various departments of an agency and see how they all come together.

The curriculum includes:

  • Brief Writing
  • Social Media
  • Design
  • Print Production
  • Digital-Advertising
  • Research Fundamentals
  • Values Based Branding
  • Digital Analytics
  • Client Management
  • Big Idea vs. Tactic
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Interactive Project Management
  • Strategy

Important Dates

The Big Orange Timeline

Intent to Participate form due
January 20
The Brief
February 3
Request for Information / Request for Proposal due
February 14
Request for Proposal response from Grip
February 18 – 19
Team check-in
March 2 - 3
Competition Dates (presentations)
March 4
Winners announced
March 5
Panel Interview
March 17
Open Book Night
May 4 - August 21
Apprenticeship Program

The skinny

Juicer FAQs

What’s the low down on the program? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to participate in the Juicer Competition to apply for an apprenticeship position?

It’s true, first preference is given to those individuals who participated in the competition. However, if you are looking for a creative apprenticeship, please join us on Open Book Night on March 17, 2020, and show off your talent.

What happens if I win the Orange Juicer Competition?

Simply put, you win the ultimate prize: a chance to interview for a position in the Grip Juicer Apprenticeship Program! And of course, you’ll also win all the glory for you and your school! However, if you do not win the competition, but you still impress, you could find yourself with an interview of your own!

Why should I seek an apprenticeship at Grip?

You’ll get real industry experience that you just can’t learn at school. Grip is committed to educating and preparing apprentices for the real world, making the Juicer Apprenticeship Program unlike any other in the industry. You get to work on real projects, maybe even lead one! Your voice is valued and you’ll be mentored by some of the best talent around. The goal of Grip’s Apprenticeship Program is to set you up for success.

Will I be paid during my apprenticeship?

Absolutely. What do you think this is, an internship?

What training will I receive?

Grip provides weekly classes throughout the term of the Apprenticeship Program, teaching you the nuts and bolts of advertising through the eyes of industry leaders. By end of the program, our hope is to have provided you with a great foundation to build a career on.

What would a typical day look like?

Every day will be different than the last. From writing briefs to working on shoots, the work will vary depending on position and client. But all apprentices have a mix of independent and group work.

What challenges will I face as an apprentice?

It might not be easy, but in the end it will be well worth it! The expectation to produce great work comes with the honour of being an apprentice, but you will very quickly realize that Grip has a rock-solid support team. We want to enhance your skills and knowledge by pushing you out of your comfort zone.

How will an apprenticeship at Grip prepare me for the work world?

Well, you will in fact be working in the real world. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn about the industry from the inside, develop new skills and fully experience the day-to-day of the ad world. Expect to leave the program with more confidence in your capabilities and prepared to succeed in future endeavours.

If I am hired as an apprentice, what’s the likelihood of being hired for full-time employment?

On average, we hire about 50% of our apprentices. Grip chooses these individuals based on their performance and positions available.

Will it be all work, no play?

Not even close! Grip knows that you work hard, and makes sure you get to participate in all our events, clubs and activities. Did we mention we have our own beer taps, and we get mighty thirsty on Thursdays? You’ll get to know your fellow apprentices and team really well, and end up making some great friends in the process.

What’s life like after the apprenticeship?

Some will continue their journey at Grip, but everyone will have made valuable industry connections. Not to mention, a highly regarded apprenticeship and practical experience under your belt!

More Questions?

Please direct further questions regarding the Competition and Apprenticeship to

A Grip agency sponsor will be available for one question period (details will be provided on the briefing day).

Questions regarding policies and procedures will be handled directly at the individual college / university.

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Do you bleed orange?

There’s no going back now. Complete the forms below and email them to

Intent to Participate


Make sure your team captain checks their email! The brief will be sent out once your teams Intent to Participate form is received.

Psttt… download the score card below and get a leg up on the big day.

Score card

Want to attend Open Book Night?


More Questions?

Please direct further questions regarding the Competition or Apprenticeship to

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